FridgeBot needs your help!

Team FridgeBot is kicking off it's 2017 season. This is the teams fourth year and we have had an amazing run so far. The first year out we did great in competitions, won judges awards and other recognition's. Met with State Representatives and developed whole sections (Marketing, Cad, Programming) never imagined by our team members. I mean when you start with a handful of members in a barn and then grow to almost twenty kids and a trip to Worlds it can be staggering in such a short time.
Unfortunately this means our bubble has been popped and our "Rookie" status is a thing of the past. We have helped other teams start and grow, we have developed a donation program that help other teams get computers for their labs, we have even started training classes to teach others how to program robots.
FridgeBot needs your help. Since we are no longer rookies, many of the grants and funding we have enjoyed in the past have now dried up and we need to gain sponsors for our program. If you can help please let us know. You can contact the pricipals and administrators @ Corunna Public Schools, you can contact any team member that you know is a FridgeBot Member, or you can get ahold of me through the contacts on